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Learn More About The Horrible Plan of Horace Pickle

"Horace Pickle hates mashed potatoes, but now he has a plan."

Written in 2008 for National Novel Writing Month, this is the first book in a short series about August Munch, the Non Newtonian Man, and the villainous characters of Windsmith City... starting with Horace Pickle.

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About Brian

Curious about the twisted mind that thought up Horace Pickle? Me too. I'll let you know what I find out, but in the mean time you can click below to read a little bit more. Also, here's an easy riddle I'm writing to fill this space. Enjoy!

I write but do not think
A legacy is mine made of ink
No greater tool made by man
Small in stature but great I am

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When it comes to Harper Lee’s book, does Harper Lee matter?

Everyone is surprised and excited about Harper Lee’s new book, Go Set a Watchman, but with controversy surrounding her real intentions (whether she actually wants the book published or is being used by others) I found myself asking: does what Harper Lee actually want, think, or feel really matter? My brain pondered the startling and

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Jimmy Olsen and the Great & Pointless Freakout

There have been a number of roles in the comicbook/superhero genre that, as stories continue to get adapted into other media, have seen themselves changed in ethnicity. Heimdall and Hogun from Thor, Nick Fury in The Avengers, Major Kusanagi in the upcoming Ghost in the Shell, and now Jimmy Olsen joins their ranks with the

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Is 2014 over yet?

You know, I really have to say that 2014 has been spectacular. My book came out in July, it’s rapidly getting into more and more shops, and people are loving it. The convention schedule was been pretty hefty… Otakon, Atlanta BJD Con, NE Geek Expo, and Steel City Con. The funny thing is, Steel City

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Tonight’s Going to be Big

Tonight’s the Book Party at ToonSeum, and the end of the Indiegogo. This is awesome! The past few weeks have been so busy, with the planning of the party, promoting the Indiegogo, and preparing this and The Evil Mastermind’s Network to go live (and let’s not forget NaNoWriMo!). The EMN is behind schedule, but that’s

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The Indiegogo is almost done!

There’s only 3 days left to pre-order your signed copy of “The Horrible Plan of Horace Pickle”! Plus, the Indiegogo is my first offering of other goodies, such as a wide format poster of Windsmith City and iron-on patches of the Evil Mastermind’s Logo and the Independent Diplomatic Consultants logo. At this moment, we’ve almost

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