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Off to Pennsic!

Something I don’t think I’ve mentioned on this blog yet is my participation in the SCA. For those who don’t know what it is, the SCA is a historical recreation organization that focuses on fun, community, and education. There’s a lot of neat stuff to do, and I tend towards historical fencing (with rapiers, longswords,

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Music Mondays: System of a Down – Aerials (Cover by Violin Revolution)

I haven’t posted a Music Monday in a while, and when I came across this last night I felt particularly inspired and wanted to share it. I can’t remember exactly what thread of searching through music on youTube brought me to Violin Revolution. I know I wanted a few different instrumental covers of System of

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I’m a ROBOTECH fan, can we please stop being jerks to each other?

***WARNING: FANBOY RANT INCOMING*** Somebody should write a space opera about a fandom caught in the stranglehold of a megalomaniacal Emperor who’s screwed the whole thing up and refuses to fix it or allow anyone else to fix it. The fandom remains loyal nonetheless, only becoming angry when the Emperor finally has a good idea

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